Executive/Management Upskilling

Nothing adds more value than upskilling a group of your staff, in the most critical areas of contribution to growing firms in competitive markets. The TaLL - Teaching and Train Leadership course operates online, 1 evening hour every two weeks, over 8-10 months, 7 distinct modules, for up to 10 staff in a group. Presented in a very interactive format, directed at practitioners, this course is comprehensive, tailored to your industry and with immediate, measurable value. From $345+GST/person/month.


STRATEGY - Learn how to design a long-term strategy for sustainable competitive advantage.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Understand that everyone in an entity can engage to contribute ideas and disrupt with eye on future success.

COACHING - Develop skills to share knowledge with team members and those coming up behind you.

BUSINESS LAW - Be comfortable with the daily management tasks of contracts, agency, torts, incorporation, funding, etc.

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES - Know how the world around us offers possibilities to learn, to understand, to market and to build a global brand.

ALLIANCES - Know the powerful advantage a strategic alliance, merger, or joint venture can contribute to business success.

GOVERNANCE - Be comfortable with creating solid governance structures in entities of all sizes sop that everyone understand in which role they need to exceed.