Working and living in New Zealand...

... is desirable for many, and New Zealand, as a trading country with a small local population, needs a continuous inflow of skilled people with global experiences.

New Zealand immigration rules are much more transparent and easier to navigate than in most other desirable nations, and immigration advice can only be lawfully provided by Licensed Immigration Advisers or exempt persons (that is NOT your neighbour or friend...). Immigration advice is not cheap in New Zealand, but Licensed immigration Advisers usually know the most appropriate ways to obtain a work permit and residence visa, for New Zealand.

Most foreigners start with a visitor visa, to travel to NZ and understand its economy, the boundless natural beauty, the safe living environments, its free schools, free healthcare, and the other features of a Commonwealth country that makes New Zealand so attractive for migration. 

Many others begin their journey to New Zealand as a university student, either from scratch as a bachelor student, or as an experienced manager with a fast 1-year MBA study. Following the studies a 3-year open work visa allows time to find skilled employment which then leads directly to residence.

There are pathways to residence through work visa (sponsored by employers and for jobs where no local talent is available), through investment (upwards of NZ$3 Million invested for 4 years in the country, or upwards of NZ$10 Million invested for 3 years) which entitles the investor to residence. For others, there is a point-based residence scheme for qualified and experienced managers (qualification and experience can be from the home country or through study and work in New Zealand).

There are also opportunities for parents/grandparents and retirees to live in New Zealand, usually based on financial self-sufficiency and/or family sponsorship.

After 2 years as Resident you can apply for Permanent Resident (that removes travel restrictions and allows living overseas) and generally after 5 years of total residence there is a pathway to obtaining New Zealand citizenship, which then also allows visa-free travel to and work in, Australia. Two countries for the price of one!

You wouldn't ask your neighbour to do eye surgery on you after she watched a few YouTube videos, so don't do Do-It-Yourself immigration advice! Like in most countries, what looks like 'easy' government forms does not always turn out to be easy to complete and submit with the required evidentiary attachments, and no one should start a journey to New Zealand with a declined application. I am happy to spend time with you, no cost, to evaluate what the best choices are for you to work and live in New Zealand.

In Zealand, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment manages the NZ Immigration Service, the MBIE Registrar of Immigration Advisers has appointed me to his 2021 Licensed Immigration Advisers Reference Group, and I am a member of the 2022 Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice Industry Partnership Committee.


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New Zealand is Open Again

New Zealand has a 5-step plan, from February 2022 until October 22, to fully re-open its borders. This means that the previously stopped visa processing will begin again, in phases. This is the time to prepare your visa application, whether you are the migrant or a local employer you needs to bring in talented staff.

Carefully choose: Licensed Immigration Adviser or Lawyer?

I am legally trained (Doctorate in Law, Masters in Law), have taught Commercial Law for many decades and thus appreciate the complex education lawyers complete. However, the field of immigration advice in New Zealand is a specialist topic that few lawyers ever master well, given that they usually work in the many other, more general, areas of law (contract law, family law, trust law, commercial litigation, etc.). Clients have a choice to select a Government-regulated Licensed Immigration adviser or any lawyer, and I have summarized the key differences here:

How Employers get Accredited to hire migrants

Click HERE for instructions how employers can become accredited with Immigration NZ.



Click HERE for instructions how employers perform a Job Check to be allowed to hire migrants into New Zealand.




Want to work in New Zealand or hire a migrant into NZ?

8 ways to get residence in New Zealand:

The new Accredited Employer Work Visa

If an employer wants to hire a migrant worker who is not already on an open work visa, they MUST be (a) accredited (applications for accreditation can be submitted as of 9 May 2022, with visa applications accepted as of 4 July 2022), (b) the  job must pass a job check, and (c) the migrant applicant must meet requirements. Watch an Immigration NZ information session HERE.

This will become the most frequently used pathway for migrants to a work visa and subsequent residence in New Zealand.

The process requires work with the employer (to be accredited), with the migrant (to create a visa application) and with the community (to test that local workers are not available for this position).

Make contact early to become accredited or to become a job seeker for work visa in this category.

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